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LG Phone Repair | Repair Express

At Repair Express, we’ve seen our share of Android devices and iPhones in need of repair. Recently, a local Kelowna resident, Grayson came in asking about LG phone repair. He had heard we were the number one local LG phone repair, and required our assistance immediately.

If you’re like Grayson, and require an LG phone repair due to a broken or cracked screen, water damage or another repair issue, it’s important to have it fixed by a reputable smartphone repair shop. Here’s how our team at Repair Express helped Grayson, and how we can you with your LG phone repair.

Fix My Cell Phone!

As soon as Grayson realized, “I need to fix my cell phone!” he took the first step – bringing his phone into a local LG phone repair shop to be assessed by a reputable cell phone repair company.

It’s essential to choose a repair shop that you trust in order to avoid further costs. Repair Express is responsible for producing the highest quality products with the best warranty available; because ethics is our business, and your phone is our product. We also offer the best cell phone repair warranty in the industry. For all your mobile device and LG phone repair needs, save money on substandard repair and parts with our 12 months, or 365 days, and is nontransferable warranty.

Get Your Cell Phone Fix, Quick!

Just like when you have a serious craving and need that fix, it’s better, in the long run, to deal with it quickly. No matter how minor or major your LG phone repair is, it’s still susceptible to further damage and more costly phone repairs if it’s not dealt with quickly.

In general, the average LG phone repair, are not expensive when they’re addressed early on. This includes some more complicated repairs. In the case of a cracked screen, the damage may be a combination of parts and countless internal components. The sooner you realize, “I need to fix my cell phone” the easier it’ll be to repair.

In the case of water damage, we offer free estimates! Every device reacts differently to water damage, and may require a slightly different treatment during the phone water damage repair process. There’s no way for us to know what is required to repair your phone without seeing it in the shop. A phone water damage repair is $65.00 for corrosion removal and diagnostics.

LG Phone Repair: Save Money & the Environment

An LG phone repair is more financially savvy and environmentally friendly than purchasing a new phone. If you have an option of repairing your current LG phone, consider the financial and environmental impacts.

According to researchers from McMaster University, smartphone components that require the most amount of energy to produce are the chip and the motherboard – as they are made up of precious metals mined at a high cost.

Visit our Repair Express store, conveniently located in West Kelowna, Penticton and Vernon. We specialize in efficient and quality LG phone repairs at affordable price points. 

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