Oops! You Dropped Your Smartphone in Water- Now What?

Hand holding a wet smartphone / Waterproof smartphone concept

It was not too long ago that cell phones were simply used to make the odd phone call here and there. Fast forward to today and your cell phone is a major component to the daily operation of your life. Whether you are a fan of Apple or Android devices, we all have a mini supercomputer bouncing around in our pockets that controls all of our communication, finances and entertainment.

Every morning, you wake up with an alarm on your phone and it informs you of where you need to be that day and what you have to do. You can access all of your information anytime, anywhere, with a few simple taps of your finger. Before this was a convenient benefit to having a smartphone, but now having that immediate access to information wherever you are is an absolute requirement.

Swimming Smartphones

When your cell phone is working, everything is right in the world but that can change in the blink of an eye. Perhaps you lose your grip on your phone as you visit the washroom and “sploosh”, your lifeline goes for a swim. Panic rises in your throat as you desperately snatch your phone out from the water, your eyes wide as saucers as they stare down at your soggy cell.

Stop right there. Don’t make another move. Fix My Touch is here to save the day.

Step One – Don’t Panic

It can be easy to go into panic mode after your very expensive smartphone goes for a dip but make sure you keep a level head. If you follow our recommendations, we may be able to get your cell phone back in working order. If you panic and start trying to implement homemade remedies, you may be forking out hundreds of dollars for a brand new phone in the near future.

Step Two – Remove the Power and Don’t Use it

If your phone is still on after retrieving it from the source of water, fully power it down immediately. Next, remove the battery if possible (advantage goes to the Android users here). It is critical that you do not continue to use your phone after it has been exposed to moisture, even it appears to be working perfectly fine. You would not believe the number of phone calls we have received inquiring about fixing a water damaged cell phone from the very cell phone in question.

Step 3 – Contact Fix My Touch

Contact us immediately. Time is of the essence once a piece of technology has been exposed to water and the longer you wait, the greater the risk that your cell phone will not survive its traumatic experience into the pool or toilet bowl.

Remember once again that you cannot use the phone in question to contact us. Borrow a friends device, or send us an email from your laptop.

Step 4 – Receive Your Free Estimate

If your mind is racing wondering how much water was able to get into your phone, put it at ease with a FREE estimate. Water affects every device in a different way, so there is no way to determine the state of the damage without getting our hands on it in the shop. Typical repairs will run from $30-$60 plus the cost of any modular parts that must be replaced. Overall, a quick repair will be much more cost effective than purchasing a brand new smartphone.

There you have it! If your phone takes a leap of faith off of the high dive, there is no need to panic or worry. Our team deals with water damage on a daily basis and can fix your problem with our eyes closed! (O.K not fully closed but we are working on it).

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, we can fix them all! We know accidents happen and we also know how important your technology is to you.

Stop into our shop or give us a call to learn more!

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