Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about device repair? We will answer all the most frequently asked questions we get at the shop right here!

Yes we do. You can learn more on our Device Repair Warranty page.

The truth is, unless you have an extended warranty that specifically covers accidental damage, any physical damage to your device automatically voids your manufacturer’s warranty. We have seen many examples where physical damage, even damage not related to problem (e.g. the sim card is not working, but there also happens to be a crack in screen) is not covered by the manufacturer. If there has been any damage to the device, the original manufacturer is unwilling to consider any device failures as manufacturer faulty.

No, once your phone has potential water damage you run the risk of making it worse by continuing to use it.

If there is any liquid inside the phone, it could interactive with active electronic components, leading to further damage. The best thing to do is to turn it off, remove it from the case to help it dry, and remove the battery, SIM card, and MicroSD card.

Using a phone or tablet with a cracked screen can lead to further damage. Not only can using it make the damage to the glass worse, but it can also cause the touch screen to degarde. A device with a cracked screen is also more vulnerable to water damage.

Yes, if your phone is still capable of taking a backup, and using your isn’t likely to cause further damage, the it’s always a good idea to backup important data, like your contacts, music, photos, etc.