Google Android Phones and Tablets: New Advancements for Every Android Lover

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Google Android phone and tablet users will rejoice at some of the advancements we will be seeing in the upcoming months. Here are the top 4 that stood out to us:

Low-Light Photography Solution

We understand your struggles with low-light, smart phone photography all too well. Capturing even a somewhat good looking photo with your phone under poor lighting conditions can be, well… infuriating. The good news is that a Google software engineer might be about to change all that.

Florian Kainz is the man behind the big undertaking and while it might still be more complicated than just pressing the shutter button, he is bringing us one step closer to DSLR quality photos on a smartphone. Producing the right final product, Kainz needed to combine and layer 64 single shots. While the average user isn’t capable (or willing) of integrating these images to obtain the perfect shot, Kainz hopes that the software will do all the work necessary. This is big news for Android phone users and we can’t wait to get our hands on the new technology!

Messenger Lite

This is great news for those located in the emerging markets that haven’t seen the availability of the Messenger App. This app takes the fully loaded Messenger app and strips it down to the bare minimum, allowing people with limited network access or low processing power to enjoy the service. With three simple pages, Current Conversations, Contacts and Profile, the app comes in at a minimal 10MB. This streamlined version allows simplicity of conversations which is after-all, the main purpose of the app to begin with. You can now find the Messenger Lite in the Google Play Store for an additional 132 countries.

Google Appointments

This one is a win for both Android users as well as businesses. Stores and service providers will be able to upload their bookings and schedules and allow customers and clients to view available times for the services that they offer. This system will allow you to book and schedule appointments more easily and have all your information right on hand. Because it is a Google product it will seamlessly integrate with all other existing productivity tools that Google offers. We know that we are waiting for the official announcement from Google, but we are going to go ahead and be very excited about this one anyway.

Google Trips

For those of you who like to get out and about, you need to discover Google Trips for your Android phone or tablet. Conveniently pulling all travel information together for upcoming trips will leave you more time to discover all the fun things that you want to do with your time away. The best part? Google will find all your travel information that you have in your Gmail account and automatically sync it into the app. No more adding calendar events one at a time, or searching your email to find flight times. Easily keep all your information in one place, from seat numbers to hotel reservations, Google has your back covered.

With a simple click of the toggle button, you can discover new information about your destination. Check out local food spots, places to head for drinks or the main sights and sounds you just have to check out. Are you a big Trip Advisor fan? Don’t worry, Google Trips also has reviews so you can ensure that you are spending your time wisely. It even has a “Need to Know” section in case of emergencies. You can find numbers to call and locations of the nearest emergency care facilities. Make sure you mark this app as a ‘must have’ and download it before your next trip!

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Whether you’re using an Android tablet or phone, Repair Express can help keep your device both looking and working beautifully. If you have questions on technology or hardware, get in touch with our experts today!

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