Best Phones Cases that Suit your Okanagan Lifestyle


For most of us, our cell phones are an essential part of our lives. We take our cell phones with us everywhere and we’re dependent on them to keep us connected to the world and our loved ones.

Cell phone cases are one of the best investments you can make to protect your phone from damage and repairs. Depending on your lifestyle, you’ll have different priorities in mind. Our Repair Express team has compiled a list of the best cell phone cases based on your life and needs.

  • Storage
  • Protection
  • Grip
  • Design & Aesthetics

Storage for your Wallet and Cell Phone

If you prefer to keep your phone and wallet in one place as you travel around the Okanagan or the world, then phone cases with a card holder is a great choice for you. There are tons of great options if you prefer to travel light, save valuable pocket space, or just simplify your life by storing everything in one place.

Take a look at mashables list of 10 Tidy iPhone Cases to Replace Your Wallet for a variety of styles, colours, storage space and designs. If you’re an android user, LifeWire recently posted a blog on The 14 Best Android Cases to Buy in 2018. The Maxboost Wallet Case for Pixel 2 and the Spigen Slim Armor CS Galaxy S8 Case are just a couple of great options to choose from.

Protect Your Cell Phone

If you’re someone who enjoys a lot of outdoor adventures, work outside in various weather conditions, or you tend to drop your phone and need to repair it on a regular bases, consider these phone cases that provide a ton of protection.

Digital Trends article on the Best Protective iPhone Cases to Defend Against Dirt, Dings and Drops and guide for picking the Best Case to Protect Your Device From Life’s Daily Hazards features a number of cases made from various materials designed to protect your phone from everything from water damage to hard falls.

Phone cases that provide a ton of protection can be bulky, so there are tough cases that will protect your cell phone without too much added weight. There are also some that will protect your phone, while still being aesthetically appealing. One of the best cases for protection is Otter Box, which designs cases for Apple and Android devices.

Keep a Grip on Your Cell Phone

If you tend to drop your cell phone, need to repair it often, or you want to carry it around the Okanagan securely, then there are a variety of cases that offer excellent grip. These can be more subtle, practical, or fancy. It all depends on the type of grip it offers.

The GettaGrip phone case combines aesthetics with grip with their unique design, while the Vena Wave Texture case creates a more subtle and sleek grip design.

For more phone case designs with great grip, CNET compiled a list of 6 phone cases that will help you Get a Better Grip on Your Phone. All 6 of these phones incorporate various materials and styles for you to hold your phone more securely. These are ideal if you prefer a larger phone, and there are always several new designs or updated versions of these on the market for Apple and Android devices.

Design and Aesthetics To Match your Okanagan Lifestyle

Highlight the delicate beauty of your device with a sleek design, or stand out with a bold phone case pattern. Cell phone cases are a great way to reflect your personality, style or interests with a variety of patterns from glitter phone cases to pizza print to bold 3D shaped cases.

There’s a variety of phone case options if you prefer a case that is uniquely you, and several come with great protection, case storage and grip.

Contact Repair Express for cell repair in Kelowna, West Kelowna, Vernon & Penticton or visit our store for a wide selection of cell phone cases and other accessories.

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