How Do You Use Your Cell Phone? Take these 4 Steps to Avoid Harmful Radiation


For many of us, our cell phones have become an extension and often, an obsession that we constantly need to keep within reach. Which begs the questions, are you carrying your phone too close to your body? Do you sleep with you phone or have too close to during the night? If so, you could be in risk of harmful radiation.

Read on to learn how you can reduce your risk and safely use your phone and other handheld electronics from Kelowna’s cell phone specialists at Fix My Touch with these 4 top tips.

  1. Tower distance
  2. Carrying your phone
  3. Phone distance at night
  4. Alternating sides


1. Phone Towers

In Canada we have been raising the same questions and concerns since the beginning of cell phone and towers. In an effort to keep Canadians safe, Canadian cell phones and cell phone towers are required to meet regulatory requirements that limit human exposure to radiofrequency (RF) energy.

Towers are usually located rooftops, towers and utility poles. The closer you are to a tower, the less power it requires to send and receive texts or phone calls, which reduces the risk of harmful radiation. Basically, the closer you are to a tower, the less RF energy your phone is emitting to receive and send messages or phone calls.

2. Carrying your Phone

Similarly to Canada, the government of California recently revised the age old debate, does long-term and regular use of cell phones and other pocket-sized gadgets slowly expose us to radiation that will lead to tumours and cancer?

According to Chicago Tribute, it depends on who you ask, how often you use them, how you use them, and how close to keep them to your body. There are regulations in place to limit exposure, but adhering to certain safety precautions wouldn’t hurt.

Carry your phone away from your body; in a bag is best. Avoid placing it next to your skin while the power is on. Read Keep Phones Away From your Body for more information.

3. Phones in Your Bedroom

Cell phones are designed to emit low levels of RF energy and operate at the minimum power without sacrificing the quality of a call. Nevertheless, it can still be absorbed into our bodies due to distance and the strength of the signal.

If you can, keeping your phone out of your bedroom is best. Alternatively, either switch it to airplane mode or turn it off entirely. Either way, keep it out of your bed.

4. Talking on Your Phone

When you’re talking on your phone, switch ears regularly to spread out your exposure. Wait until your correspondent has picked up before placing your phone to your ear. This limits the electromagnetic field emitted, and the duration of the exposure.

For a safer and better alternative, wear a headset or use speaker phone while talking on the phone. This will help you keep a safe distance, especially if you speak on your phone a lot.

For more ideas, read 10 Things You Can Do to Reduce the Cancer Risk From Cell Phones.

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