Technology Fix for Wireless Charging

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Wireless charging is extremely convenient. Unless your device requires a technology fix for wireless charging, there’s no need to worry about whether or not there’ll be plug-ins available on your next camping trip.

Your phone will be fully charged so that you can sit happily inside your tent, avoid the thousands of mosquitoes outside, and smash another round of Candy Crush (you appreciate the outdoors, but glamping is more your style). 

If you’re on the hunt for a wireless charger, then you may also want to consider researching a technology fix for wireless charging.

technology fix for wireless charging black cell phone being charged

Technology Fix for Wireless Charging—Why? 

This almost effortless way of charging your phone (that allows you to continuously play Candy Crush in the middle of nowhere) is supported by a new technology known as magnetic induction. 

Magnetic induction involves using an electrical current to generate a magnetic field, creating a voltage that powers the phone without needing to plug a wire into it. Although wireless charging is supported by this seamless technology, wireless charging is still prone to error as it relies on accessories that enable this feature. 

For wireless charging to work, your cell phone device will require a wireless charging pad or stand (I.eMophie Charging Pad or Anker’s Power Wave stand). From time to time, your wireless charger and/or your cell phone may require a technology fix so that you continually have access to wireless charging.  

technology fix for wireless charging black cell phone low on battery laying on white charger

Technology Fix for Wireless Charging: Tips and Tricks 

Your wireless charger is not working and you feel a sense of panic as your cell phone shuts off. You’re stuck inside a small tent along with five un-showered family members you‘ve been with for the past week and the sides of your tent are being dented in by hail the size of golf balls.  Candy Crush, Level 121 is calling your name. 

There are a few technology fixes that may allow you to get your wireless charger up and running again to distract you from the stench of Uncle Bill’s sockless feet and the communal smell of B.O. 

Technology Fix for Wireless Charging #1: Restart your Cellular Device

This will be your first choice of action. Doing a restart is a basic first step that may fix those system glitches that could be causing your cell phone to not wirelessly charge. 

technology fix for wireless charging lady removing cell phone from case

Technology Fix for Wireless Charging #2: Remove your Phone Case 

If you are using a case for your cell device, may as well take it off. This is because it could be the one reason as to why your device is not charging properly using your wireless charger. If you are using a thick case for your cell phone device, you may want to consider changing it to a thinner one.

Technology Fix for Wireless Charging #3: Update your iPhone 

There is a big possibility that your wireless charger is not working on your cell phone because you might need to update your device first. So go ahead and update your cellular device to the latest version so you can use your wireless charger properly.

Technology Fix for Wireless Charging #4: A Hard Reset 

If your cell phone becomes unresponsive whenever you place it on your charging pad, then there might be a need for you to perform a hard reset. Performing a hard reset on your cell device forces it to turn off and may fix the problem temporarily.

Technology Fix for Wireless Charging #5: Have your Charging Pad Repaired or Get a New One

If you think that you have done every solution for your cell phone to work with your wireless charger, then the problem might be your charger pad. Considering this, you may need to bring your charger pad in for repair, or, get a new one.

Technology Fix for Wireless Charging #6: Check Software 

If your phone still won’t charge using your wireless charger, there may be a software issue. The last option that you will resort to is to have it in DFU (Device Firmware Update). To do this, you will need to connect your device to a computer using a USB cable (so if you’re camping in the middle of nowhere, this may not be an option for you). 

The steps that follow depend on the type of phone you have (iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone SE). Bring your phone and wireless charger into your local cell phone repair shop to see what the next steps are.  

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