Understanding the Recycling of Electronics and Cell Phones

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We live in a world where society makes us believe it is easier to throw things away then it is to repair them. Repair Express has always embraced repairing your technology, but what about recycling? There are a lot of publications promoting the recycling of electronic devices, but what they don’t tell you is how little is actually saved and the majority of your carefully recycled device ends up in the smelter. We need to re-think our disposable ways and break our habit of taking energy and materials from the earth that we cannot possibly return. The Ellen MacArther Foundation explains how we live in an linear economy and what the benefits of switching to a circular economy would be to both society and the planet in this video.

We need to focus on keeping goods in the hands of the user, instead of throwing away valuable materials. Repair is the best way to get value out of the resources we take from our planet.

Why Repair & Not Recycle?

  1. The energy and materials that are used in the production of electronics gets lost when recyclers dispose of your product.
  2. Mining for the elements needed to produce electrons is destructive to the planet. We need to focus on not letting those materials go to waste.
  3. Repair save you money.
  4. Each electronic device that you repair, is one less that needs to be produced for consumption.

What Can We Do?

We are proposing a change. Instead of sending off your electronics to be pulled part and have much of their value lost in the recycling process we want you to bring them to us. Instead of losing precious parts of the electronics you no longer want, let us help other people save and repair their devices.

Together we can make an impact and change the way we use and re-use our technology.

Source: http://ifixit.org/

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