Phone Accessories to Revive That Aging Device

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So, you’ve had your phone for a few years now. Each day it looks the same, does the same thing, but somehow it feels worse than when you first bought it. Whether it’s because of a battery that drops by half before noon or a cracked display that makes scrolling through Instagram a lesson in interpretive art, keeping your phone feeling fresh can be a challenge in and of itself.

How do you make your phone feel new again, you ask? You’ve got to accessorize!

Function Before Form — Start by Repairing Your Phone

Beautifying your device will only get you so far. Your first step towards appreciating your phone once more is to fix what’s wrong. Assuming your device is a couple years old, you can get new displays and replacement batteries at a fraction of their original price.

We will source and install the right part so there’s no surprises. Now that your phone has the hardware to keep you happy, it might be time to reset it all together and begin anew. It’s like spring cleaning, but for your digital life!

Phone Accessories Worth Using

Since 2010, the market has become saturated with phone accessories that aren’t worth the packaging they come in. There are genuinely useful accessories to choose from, but between the hundreds of different barely pronounceable brand names it’s tough to find accessories that have some life in them.
We only keep the good stuff on hand.

Here’s a shortlist of phone accessories that can spruce up your cellular experience:

• External battery packs
• Bluetooth speakers (an obvious choice)
• Bluetooth earphones
• Magnetic chargers & mounts
• Additional storage
• Cases, cases, and more cases

The Why of Cellphone Accessories

When it comes down to it, the cellphone in your pocket is probably not all that different from the latest and greatest from the big names in cellphone tech.

On a daily basis, you want something that is enjoyable to use — that means it’s consistent and capable. Naturally, cellphone repairs will get it to that standard, but going past that is where phone accessories come in.

Upgrade Your Cellphone’s Audio

Bluetooth earbuds are a blessing that most have yet to discover. Have you ever had an earphone ripped out by a snagged cable? It’s a universal frustration: that painful suction that feels like an angry plumber deflowering your ear canal. Leave that in the 2000s.

RepairExpress - Headphones

Do we need to run through the benefits of bluetooth speakers? Everyone has one, and for good reason. Your tiny cellphone speaker makes Zeppelin sound like EDM. There’s never a good time to use your cellphone’s speaker.

Cellphone Dying?

You’ve seen them before, big ol’ power bricks that look like they were ripped off the control panel of some space-age tech. You probably don’t need that. If you’re a commuter without a place to plug in for hours at a time, all you really need is a little bit of juice to get you through to your stop.

RepairExpress - Battery charger

Before you buy the cheapest and smallest power pack out there, consider the size of your phone’s battery (measured in mAh) and pick something based on that. 2000mAh battery and only make it 2/3’s of the way? Get a 1000mAh and stop worrying about it.

Protect Your Cellphone and Look Fabulous Doing It

You really can’t justify running a phone nude these days. There’s only a handful of phones sexy enough on their own to beat out a well-picked case. Plus you get all that versatility — magnetic backs, extra battery power, water protection, card holders, the list goes on.

With a million options to choose from, take 30 min to find one that gives you a reason to show off.

Stop in at Repair Express to get your phone running like new!

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