Simple Tips on How to Extend the Life of Your Cell Phone Batteries

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For many, cell phone batteries can be the root cause of some unnecessary frustration.

Are you that person who is frantically always asking someone in the office for a charger (considering you forget to bring it with you)? Do your friends think you’re constantly ignoring them, but in reality, your phone often turns off mid-text-conversation? We may have some suggestions that may curb your cell phone battery woes.

Cell Phone Batteries and How to Extend Samsung Battery Life

If you’re wanting to extend the life of your Samsung battery or any other type of cell phone batteries, there are a few simple measures you can take:

  • Find out what is using your phone’s battery
  • Turn on Adaptive Battery
  • Delete Bloatware (Samsung battery)
  • Enable Ultra Power Saving Mode
  • Turn off Edge Screen features (Samsung battery)
  • Stop apps running in the background
  • Prevent apps from running at startup
  • Turn off the Always-on Display
  • Reduce the screen brightness and turn off Adaptive Brightness

If you need assistance with any of these steps, connect with your local cell phone repair experts. If none of these steps work, it may be a good idea to consider the following pointers.

cell phone books and school supplies scattered outside of book bag cell phone batteries

How You Treat Your Phone May Affect the Life of Your Cell Phone Batteries

Cell phones have been around long enough that we take for granted, even when they’re brand new. If you’re stacking some “must-read books” on top of your phone or cramming it in between your laptop and an exciting University physics textbook, this increases the chance that your phone will overheat. Overheated cell phone? Bye-bye cell phone batteries.

Another tip is to not fall asleep with your cell phone in your bed. Body heat combined with pillows and blankets are prerequisites for battery damage disaster 101.

Cell Phone Batteries and Cell Phone Chargers

Charging Cables

If you’re using a knock-off cable that isn’t from the manufacturer, or at least “certified” in some way (i.e: iPhone Lightning cables should be MFi certified), it could be a problem. The cord and connectors may not be up to the specifications needed for your phone or tablet.

Wireless Charging

It also thought that wireless charging can decrease your phone’s battery life. Charging your phone by induction requires energy to be transmitted across an air gap, a process that necessarily generates some heat. The fact that the surfaces of the phone and charging pad must be in close proximity means that over time, the heat exposure can damage the phone’s lithium-ion battery life.

Charging Habits

Certain charging behaviours can significantly reduce the lifespan of your smartphone cell phone batteries. Cell phone chargers are obviously useful, but if you’re constantly charging your cell phone when it’s already 100% charged, this can accelerate the ageing process of lithium-ion smartphone batteries (a.k.a. Li-ion batteries). Fortunately, there are extra protection chips inside your smartphone that will prevent your cell phone batteries from overloading and dying out, but the “trickle effect” of an overcharged battery can shorten your phone’s lifespan.

What Is the Trickle Effect?

The trickle effect occurs when you leave your smartphone plugged in overnight (when it’s at 100%); every time the battery falls to 99%, your phone will use a bit of energy that trickles new juice to the battery. This constant trickle can cause your cell phone to heat up and damage your cell phone batteries and phone.

In other words, if want to extend the life of your cell phone batteries (and phone), give up on your type-A personality tendency to always be at 100%. Do like Frozen and let it go. At the same time, you do not want to constantly drain your smartphone battery to zero (the only time you should do this is to recalibrate the internal sensor that displays the phone’s battery level). Always plug your phone in before it enters low-power mode or when your cell phone battery is 30 to 40 percent charged.

Still Puzzled by Your Cell Phone Batteries? Fix My Touch Kelowna Cell Phone Repair Experts Can Help

The gist of this blog entry is 1) energy-saving methods will extend your cell phone’s battery life, 2) partial charging is good while idle charging is bad, and 3) heat can ruin your cell phone and reduce the life of your cell phone batteries.

If you’ve followed all the tips and your cell phone or cell phone batteries are still giving you grief, consider speaking with a local cell phone repair business.

Contact Repair Express today for all your cell phone repair needs!

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