Is It Safe to Use a Phone With a Cracked Screen? 

testing if it's safe to use a phone with a cracked screen
So, you’ve dropped your phone. Even though the screen is damaged, it’s still safe to use a phone with a cracked screen, right? After all, your phone still seems to be working fine.  

Well although your phone may seem to be okay, the likely reality is that this is not the case. In fact, fixing your phone screen can actually save you money and time in the long run. We break down below why it’s a good idea to get your phone screen fixed as soon as possible.  

Safe to Use a Phone With a Cracked Screen? No. Now It’s Prone to Even More Damage 

Despite the fact your phone may seem fine despite the crack running across the screen, your phone is now one step closer to even more problems. Not only is the screen prone to simple shattering, but your touch screen will also degrade with time as well. 

Liquids Can Get Inside 

Aside from its display capabilities, your screen also protects the front of your phone from liquids and moisture from getting inside. Even something as small as light rain or sweat from inside your pocket has the chance to damage your phone’s inner workings. Plus, if your phone touted water resistance as a feature you can bet it doesn’t have that anymore. 

smartphone with a cracked screenThe Glass Can Cut You 

This might seem obvious, but it’s important. Although your phone may not have any visible bumps or ridges from the cracks, over time they can cut you from your smartphone being moved and bent slightly from taking out of your pocket. Plus, glass shards could even break off in your purse or in your pant pockets and potentially cut you.  

You Won’t Be Able to See Your Screen 

If the screen is cracked badly enough, or even if there are just a few cracks, your phone display is going to be difficult to view. Not only is this annoying it could potentially be harmful if you’re always squinting to read your screen. This could be even more problematic if you use your phone for GPS and need to take a few extra seconds to see turns coming up. 

It Looks Unprofessional 

It sounds ridiculous, but people may judge you about using a cracked phone. When yours looks about two seconds away from being a tiny electronic brick it doesn’t promote the best image of you. After all, if your phone is that damaged what does that say about how you treat your other possessions? Just saying. 

Don’t give your phone a chance to ‘retaliate’, fix your screen as soon as possible and get back to using it safely. 

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