iPhone Battery Replacement in Kelowna: Everything You Need to Know

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Is your iPhone not holding a charge like it used to? You may need a phone battery replacement. At Repair Express in Kelowna, we specialize in fast and efficient iPhone battery replacement to ensure your device runs smoothly again. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about replacing an iPhone battery, including costs, time, and frequently asked questions.


How Much Would it Cost to Replace an iPhone Battery?

The cost of replacing an iPhone battery can vary depending on the model of your iPhone and whether you choose original Apple parts or third-party alternatives. At Repair Express we offer competitive prices on OEM parts and reliable repairs. Contact our repair technicians for a quote for your iphone repair.


How Long Does it Take for a Store to Replace an iPhone Battery?

At Repair Express, we understand your time is valuable. That’s why we offer quick battery replacement services that can take as little as 15 minutes. You can walk into our store, and in some cases, have your phone ready to go by the time you finish your coffee.


How Long Do iPhone Batteries Last?

Typically, an iPhone battery lasts for about 500 to 700 charge cycles, which means it can go from fully charged to fully depleted 500 to 700 times before its capacity diminishes to 80% of its original capacity. This usually translates to about two years of regular use.


How Many Years Should You Replace an iPhone Battery?

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It is recommended to consider replacing your iPhone battery every two to three years. If your device’s battery health is below 80%, or if you notice significant degradation in performance and battery life, it’s time to consider a replacement.


Will Apple Replace My iPhone if the Battery is Bad?

Apple may replace your iPhone if it’s under warranty and the battery holds less than 80% of its original capacity. However, out of warranty, opting for a reliable service like Repair Express is often more economical and just as effective. Our expert technicians use the best quality OEM parts to repair your device.


How Much is a New iPhone Battery?

At Repair Express, our iPhone battery replacements have varied pricing for different models. Please visit our website or contact us directly for the exact pricing for your specific model.


How to Tell if an iPhone Battery Needs Replacing?

If your iPhone:

  • Suddenly shuts down
  • Needs more frequent charging
  • Experiences unexpected power drops
  • Runs slow when performing basic tasks

It might be time for a battery replacement.


Do You Lose Anything When You Replace iPhone Battery?

Replacing your iPhone’s battery should not affect your data; however, we always recommend backing up your iPhone before any repairs to safeguard your data.


How to Increase iPhone Battery Health to 100%?

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  1. Avoid extreme temperatures: Keep your iPhone out of the sun and away from heat sources.
  2. Use official chargers: Stick to certified Apple chargers to maintain battery integrity.
  3. Optimize settings: Reduce screen brightness and use low power mode to extend battery life.


Why Does My iPhone Keep Losing Battery Quickly?

Rapid battery drainage can be caused by:

  • Old batteries
  • Power-hungry apps running in the background
  • Screen brightness set too high
  • Hardware issues


Is it Hard to Replace a Battery Yourself?

Replacing an iPhone battery involves handling delicate parts and can void your warranty. It’s safer and more reliable to have it done by professionals like those at Repair Express.


What Should iPhone Battery Health Be After 2 Years?

Typically, an iPhone’s battery health should be around 80-90% after two years. If it falls below 80%, it’s usually a sign that the battery needs replacing.


How Low Does Your Battery Health Have to Be to Get it Repaired?

We recommend seeking battery replacement if your iPhone’s battery health is below 80% or if you experience significant operational issues.


Repair Express in Kelowna is your go-to destination for all iPhone repairs, including battery replacements. Contact us for more information or to book a repair. Keep your iPhone running like new, with optimal performance and battery life.

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