Pinch Test – Extreme Smartphone Pinching Goes Viral

Through a sewer grate. Out of a window. Off a balcony, bridge, or cliff. Or even over the toilet. You can dangle it anywhere. Your smartphone, that is. A new internet challenge called ‘extreme smartphone pinching’ has gone viral, and the question is whether you have the courage (or recklessness) and the iron-fingered pinch to do it. The Harlem Shake was so 2013, and the Ice Bucket Challenge of last year has lost its chill. It’s time for a new challenge to test your daring, and extreme smartphone pinching provides just that.


The craze was started by Ohio-based indie pop band Twenty One Pilots back in June and has over 300,000 hits on YouTube. It didn’t take long before users began posting videos of their own version of the challenge on YouTube and under the hashtag #extremephonepinching on Twitter. Hundreds of videos are now available to cringe and gasp at all across social media.


The challenge is to hold your expensive smartphone over dangerous drops and gaps. Using only your thumb and forefinger you pinch and try not to drop your smartphone. To pinch and hold means successfully completing the challenge, but to drop your smartphone could mean losing hundreds of dollars on a stupid prank.


Anywhere high. Balconies. Bridges. Cliffs. Skyscrapers. Famous landmarks. You name it. The higher, the riskier, the better. Feel the adrenaline kick in as you dangle your smartphone over the precipice and try not to drop it. Oh, and if it’s windy while you’re pinching, so much the scarier.


Whenever you’re feeling brave enough. It’s recommended that you back up your contacts first though, just in case your pinching skills aren’t quite up to the task. Or unless you’re Bruce-Wayne-loaded and have $7-900 dollars to spare. If you dare, beware of what it might cost. You don’t want your smartphone ending up like some of these unfortunate fails.


Yes, it is pointless, but it is also daring and fun. It’s going extreme without the need for a bungee cord, rock climbing gear, or a kayak; all you need is your smartphone and a height to dangle it from. So pump that adrenaline, wrack those nerves, and embrace the peril. The forefinger and thumb do a pretty good job of gripping your smarthpone, but please be responsible enough and make sure it’s only your own smartphone you’re putting a risk. Otherwise you might be putting your own health at risk.

Will this craze last? Who knows. And who knows how many phones – and hearts – will be broken before the craze ends.

If the challenge goes wrong and your smartphone is still repairable – i.e. it’s not at the bottom of a ravine or riverbed – bring it in or send it by mail to Repair Express. We provide the best quality smartphone repair at the best prices with a fast turnaround. Screen replacements and water damage are our specialities, so if anyone can bring your smartphone back to life it’s us. Contact us today for more information.

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