Can You Fix a Broken Tablet Screen? Yes!

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You’re probably not reading this if your tablet screen is working normally, so let’s cut to the chase. First of all, if you’re wondering if you can fix a broken tablet screen, the answer is yes!

In order to find out the extent of what you’ll need to do to get it fixed, we’ve created a step-by-step guide just for that.

1. Can You Fix a Broken Tablet Screen? Yes, but Assess the Damage First

Depending on the damage to your screen, you may be able to get away without having to repair it. If the damage is simply a small crack, or scrape, but doesn’t impede the functionality of your tablet’s touchscreen or ability to see the screen itself, you don’t necessarily need to repair it.

However, if there are shards, broken glass, or severe cracks or chips to the screen, you really should get it fixed. The last thing you want to do is cut your finger on your tablet screen.

2. Check to See if Your Tablet is Still Under Warranty

Hopefully, you didn’t throw out the receipt to your tablet. Depending on whether you got the extended warranty, your credit card gives you extra years of warranty, or some other way you get an extended warranty, you can potentially get your entire device replaced with a new one.

Some manufacturers even offer a repair service using original parts for your device for a small fee without voiding your warranty in the process.

3. Determine if it’s Actually Worth Repairing

If the damage to your tablet is fairly catastrophic then it might be better just to replace it.

Water damage is a good example of this.

If your screen cracked after accidentally dropping it in a sink full of water, then the amount of money spent on repairing it might be better spent just getting a new one.

However, this doesn’t take into account what you might already have stored on the device and might mean you just need to get it repaired to recover any data valuable to you.

Repairman fixing broken tablet screen

4. Go to a Repair Shop to Get it Fixed

You’ve decided, you need the broken screen on your tablet fixed. The natural choice (if you’re not under warranty) is then to go and get it repaired at a repair shop. Broken screens are one of the most common (if not the most common) fix that is made.

It’s incredibly likely the repair shop has fixed a tablet exactly like yours or one very similar and can get a hold of the necessary parts needed for it.

This will often take the least amount of time to get your device back in your hands again in working order as repair shops often have screens on hand to fix devices.

5. Try and Fix it Yourself

Finally, you can try and fix it yourself if you want to try the budget option. Understand that in the vast majority of cases this will mean voiding any warranty you had on your device.

While there are detailed videos out there of how to do this yourself, you do often need a set of small, specific tools to effectively work on your device.

Although this may be the most affordable option, it also comes with the greatest risk since you could make things worse or lose money trying to repair it yourself.

Overall, understand that broken tablet screens are one of the most common repairs. There are a variety of ways you can fix your device and get back to using it again in a timely fashion.

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