Apple iOS 12: Most Anticipated Features

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On June 4th Apple revealed the biggest iPhone features at their annual WWDC 2018 event in San Jose, California. As Apple does every year, it started off their big event with a keynote presentation to announce a number of great features for their latest version of iOS 12.

The Okanagan Valley Repair Express team is dedicated to providing clients with the latest news and smartphone technology. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best features that have been revealed so far.

iPhone Notifications

There has been a lot of anticipation surrounding the iOS 12 updates. As expected, it focused more on improving performance and eliminating bugs rather than focusing on major new features. With iOS 12, notifications will be grouped together by type, which will keep your lock screen cleaner and make it easier to dismiss or open notifications.

If you have several Instagram notifications, for instance, they’ll all appear together. This is similar to iOS 11, but there’s a new option called Manage that allows you to take control over your notifications.

When you tap Manage, you are given the option to either deliver these notifications quietly or turn them off altogether. If you select the quiet option, the notification type will not show up on the lock screen. They will, however, continue to appear in the notification center and a badge will show up on the app icon.

Group FaceTime on Your Apple Device

With iOS 12, FaceTime will support up to 32 participants in the same conversation. Group FaceTime will be supported across iOS and macOS. When you’re on a call with multiple people, the person’s video window will get larger when they’re speaking and then shrink when they’re not speaking.

You can also create a Group FaceTime straight from a current group chat in Messages so that you can quickly add all the chat participants to a group video call. If you want to change things up while you’re on FaceTime, you can use your Animoji and Memoji characters during the call.


iPhone users can enjoy their very own virtual avatar with iOS 12. Memoji lives alongside Animoji in the iMessage interface. When you create your Memoji for the first time, you are presented with a plain face that you can completely customize to your liking. You can personalize facial features including eyes colour, nose shape and freckles as well as hair color, skin tone and even your age.

Just like the regular Animoji, your Memoji uses the FaceID camera to track your facial expressions, but iOS 12 has added a tongue detection. You can even send a 30-second clip with audio through iMessage.

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