Samsung A52, A53, A32, A22, A13, A12 Repair

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Samsung phone repair in Vernon, Kelowna, and Penticton

Samsung A52, A53, A32, A22, A13, A12 – Select a location for pricing

A52 Original Glass & LCD assembly
A53 Original Glass & LCD assembly
A32 Original Glass & LCD assembly
A22 Original Glass & LCD assembly
A13 Original Glass & LCD assembly
A12 Original Glass & LCD assembly
Head phone jack replacement
Volume Button replacement
Power / Lock Button replacement
Internal ear speaker replacement
Ringer, or loud speaker replacement
Charging port replacement
Battery replacement
Rear Glass replacement



Samsung Repair Warranty can be better than the original manufactures warranty. Samsung repair warranty, at Repair Express, is: 100% warranty of manufactures defects. 100% warranty on labour. The only thing not covered in the Repair Express Samsung Repair warranty is user breakage.


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Repair Express cell phone repair warranty in Vernon, Kelowna, and Penticton