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Penticton Cell Repair

Whatever Device You Use, We Can Fix It.

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Whatever device you use, we can fix it!

iPod, iPhone, iPad…

no problem!

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…Oh yeah, Android, Windows and Blackberry too!

Sometimes accidents happen, call for a quote!

Water Damaged Phone, Samsung, Laptop, iPod, iPhone, iPad?


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Laptops and Computers

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Broken LCD

Broken Glass

Broken LCD & Cracked Glass

Get started, and let us help you!

Visiting Vernon for a day?

No problem!

We fix devices on the spot, or can ship them anywhere!

Overnight shipping!

Absolutely anywhere in Canada!

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Is your device’s screen cracked…or worse?

We can help you with that.

Get started, and let us help you!

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See Repair Prices For:

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Tech Repair & Accessories

call us or visit our stores for iPhone, Android, Tablet, or Computer Repair

Repair Express is the only company that offers canada wide service.

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What we do at Repair Express

Founded in 2009 Repair Express has changed shape and brands through its development into what it’s now become. Repair Express has grown to service all of Canada and is the only company that offers cross country service. Our clients are referred from trusted electronic dealers and Apple re-sellers. We are the best choice for any out-of-warranty service work for all Apple, Samsung, products and we offer guaranteed OEM parts, with qualified technicians to handle your product.

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What our customers say

Highly recommended. Dallas is a great person with much knowledge and even more integrity. Always willing to go above and beyond. I can’t say enough good things about him as a business owner and as a friend. Vernon has found its #1 repair shop for computers, cell phones, and almost everything in between.

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Besides being fast, thorough, and educated in our work, Repair Express guarantees all of our parts and work for 12 months, 365 days. We are always more than willing to take a phone call with any questions or concerns from our valued customers. That’s why each device that is returned includes a thank-you note from our technician with their name and number so that you can call them if you have any problems with your device.

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Repair express is an authorized retailer for

We carry LifeProof, UAG Urban Armor Gear, Otterbox, and muvit

muvit case





Tech Repair Express Certified Techs

Repair Express has Apple Certified techs, and service like no other.

Certified Technicians and Certified Parts

We are Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians and know best how to repair your iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPad Mini, MacBooks, and iMacs. Our technicians are experienced and fully trained Computer Engineers and Computer Science graduates. We only use Certified OEM parts so that your repaired Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, ASUS, and ACER devices will not only look original but they will feel original too.

Free Shipping and Fast Repairs

We know how much you love your devices and sending them off into the world can be a scary thing, but don’t worry our partnership with Purolator ensures the safety and delivery of your devices. We pick-up your device from anywhere in Canada and in just 3 days we will have it back in your hands fully repaired with no additional shipping fees!

ITS Repair Free Shipping Anywhere 

Tech Repair Express Competitive Pricing

Tech Repair Express works hard to get the best deal on the best parts, and we’re happy to pass that advantage on to our customers.

Competitive Pricing

We will give you the exact price with no additional charges! Parts and labor are included in our prices, even our shipping…which is completely FREE! That way when its time for you to pay your bill, you’ll know exactly the price and what you are paying for. We have the best deals, the best techs, and the best parts to repair all of your devices.

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Whoops, you’ve broken your device! Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

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Fill out our easy 5-step form, print your label and send it to us.

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We’ll fix your device and send it back to you in as fast as 3 days!

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Your device is repaired and back in your hands. Now to get those thumbs back in shape!

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