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Super thing, super beautiful, super breakable?
Is the “brightest most vibrant screen you’ve ever seen” according to Samsung, worth the added risk of requiring repairs? As with all present generation devices, parts for this device are cheap. As with most Samsung devices, parts for their devices depreciate much slower than other manufactures, Apple, and will likely result in the price point of these screen repairs remaining less desirable much the same as the Galaxy Note 1-3, and Galaxy S3-S5.

On a side note, does anyone else think the Galaxy S6 looks an awful lot like an iPhone? It seems that Samsung is showing signs of feeling the pressure of the Apple dominant market share. We are certainly looking forward to seeing what these manufactures have in store for us in the coming months!

Samsung - Repair Express Vernon
Super thing, super beautiful, super breakable?

There are many reviews of this “top notch” device out there, and almost all are stunning praise. CNET qualifies their review with spec breakdowns for battery life, features, camera, performance, and design aesthetics; what most people are inters test in when making a purchase. But as a repair shop, we look at different aspects when looking at a device.

The screen for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is stunning, but continues the newer smart phone fad of screen assembly lamination, meaning all of the components of the screen are laminated together to save space inside the phone, requiring the replacement of the whole screen to repair even the smallest cracks. Additionally the Samsung S6 screen assembly is the thinest screen assembly Samsung has ever made, also contributing to the sleek profile of the phone, but resulting in a more fragile LCD and digitizer. This means that even with a good case, and a tempered glass screen protector, we’re expecting to see many more of these devices though our shops than the previous Samsung S5 through S3 generations.

According to CNet

THE GOOD The upscale Samsung Galaxy S6’s smooth glass-and-matte-metal body, improved fingerprint reader, and convenient new camera shortcut key make the phone a stunner. Samsung’s decluttered take on Android 5.0 brings the beauty inside, too.

THE BAD Longtime fans will bristle at the Galaxy S6’s nonremovable battery and absent expandable storage. The phone has an intensely reflective backing and looks embarrassingly like the iPhone 6. Battery life, while good, falls short of last year’s Galaxy.

THE BOTTOM LINE Worldly looks and top-notch specs make the impressive, metal Samsung Galaxy S6 the Android phone to beat for 2015.






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