What to Expect from Apple’s 2018 March Phone Release

Rumour has it that Apple will be releasing a successor to the iPhone SE. This smaller iPhone is expected to hit stores as early as next month. If you prefer a smaller and more affordable cell phone, but still love Apple products, then the iPhone SE 2 is perfect for you. Okanagan and Canada's leading cell…

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Stay Up to Date on Trends: Best Phones Coming in 2018

Smartphones makers are constantly launching the most up to date devices to keep on pace with their competitors and with evolving technological progress. Kelowna’s knowledgable team at Repair Express narrowed down the best smartphones that will be launching in 2018. Pocketlink is regularly updating their list of Upcoming Phones: The Future Smartphones of 2018 for…

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Need Your Phone Unlocked? New Regulations Get Rid of Fees

Canadian cell phone carriers are well known for their expensive packages, rigid plans, and hidden fees. Locked phones has been one of the top complaints for phone users nationwide. But, as of December 1st, Canadians can finally put locked phones and unlocking fees to an end! Unlocking New Cell Phone Regulations After customers brought complaints…

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What Smartphone Has the Best Camera?

When cell phones first entered the market, they were simply a solution to make and receive phone calls away from your home or office landlines. Fast forward to today and our smartphones have become a solution for almost every need that we have. Our phones act as our bank teller, our calendar and our office…

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Move Over Chrome, There’s a New Web Browser in Town

Everything You Need to Know About “Samsung Internet”   Google Chrome has been known as the dominate player in mobile browsing market in recent years, with a comfortable market share of over 50%. Chrome is currently a staple on the majority of Android devices and even utilized on many iPhones. Google may have to pull…

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