Microsoft Surface: Death of a Product Line or Epic Redemption?


The Microsoft Surface was the versatile solution to those looking for a computer, tablet and laptop combination that would work for every part of their life. Microsoft boasted that it would work for creatives and technical thinkers alike and provide seamless transitions between each to allow for uninterrupted workflow. This innovative solution took off with many people singing its praises. It quickly came to be a cornerstone of Microsoft’s hardware earnings. While Microsoft’s third quarter earnings looked strong overall this year, the Surface seems to be where they have fallen a little bit short.

What’s Going Wrong?

This could be a classic case of increased competition, especially with competitors entering the market at lower price points than Microsoft is able to compete with. Microsoft has cornered the market on professionals looking to have an everyday, powerful machine and are willing to spend a decent amount of money on their device. The everyday user feels a little left behind by the computer giant. The price tag is discouraging for those users who like the capabilities of the Surface, but can’t justify the price based on their needs. With competitors like HP, Dell and Samsung producing thinner, lighter tablets with similar capabilities, it isn’t surprising to see that Microsoft is losing it’s dominant position and market share.

What We Know About the Surface

But it isn’t all doom and gloom. The Surface Pro 4 came on the market back in 2015 and we think the company will be revealing the next generation this month. They have managed to stay quiet so far about any rumours of the Surface Pro 5, but here is what we know so far:

  1. It will keep the same proprietary Surface Connect power connector rather than switching to a USB-C connector.
  2. We can expect new processors: the Kaby Lake processors from Intel.

And that’s it.

We wish we could tell you that a total overhaul was happening for the Surface and it would shock and impress us all, but that doesn’t seem to be the way it’s going.

What’s Next?

The rumblings in the market still seem to be pointing towards demand for a lighter, more affordable option. There are speculations that Microsoft might introduce the Surface 4 this spring which is much needed as the Surface 3 hardly meets expectations anymore. The question is, even if Microsoft brings out a more affordable and lighter Surface 4, will it be enough? Has the damage already been done to their market share or can they recover their reputation as they are the leaders and innovators when it comes to 2-in-1 systems?

In the end we are all going to be holding our breath to see what happens this month in the way of news from Microsoft. Speculations are all that exist right now and it will be interesting to see whether Microsoft can make an epic redemption or whether we are watching the death of an entire product line.

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