How to Improve the Low Signal Strength on your Cell Phone

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You’re awaiting an important e-mail from a family member regarding an emergency involving one of your parents. Your frustration increases from the lack of access you have to the Internet, as a result of the low signal strength on your cell phone.  

Typically, the strength of your WiFi relies on a connection to a cell tower. If that connection is compromised, you can miss important e-mails and/or text messages. 

Your WiFi connection to a cell tower or router may be disrupted by the presence of physical obstacles in your home such as thick walls, large pieces of furniture, and even water supply pipes. Moving furniture and décor around the home and checking that all cables are fully functioning and plugged in may help improve your cell phone’s connection to WiFi.

However, if none of these tactics work, you may want to consider the three following options which will help improve your low signal strength. 

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Purchase a Powerline Adapter  

A powerline adapter is a type of WiFi extender and works by creating an entirely new signal with its own network name. This adapter is usually a set of two or more units. You plug the first unit into a power socket near your router, and the second unit into a power socket anywhere else within the home.  

The WiFi signal will piggyback onto your electrical wiring and can reach any part of the house. As a result, the WiFi signal on your cell phone will not lose strength no matter how far it is from your router. Although a powerline adapter is usually effective, it will only work if your house uses one circuit. If you’ve got a different circuit on different floors of your house, you’ll need a different option.  

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Create a Mesh Network  

A mesh network may be a bulletproof solution to the low signal strength on your phone. Incorporating this type of setup requires that you scatter various nodes around your house—normally, these nodes come in boxes of three, but you can get as many as you need.

The first node connects to your current router to create a network, and the other nodes act as additional routers to ensure you’ve got the same fast signal being broadcasted from each node.  

If one of the nodes goes down, the other two will be able to compensate for that inactive node until it is back online and functioning. One con of this setup is that having multiple nodes in the home can often use up more energy, and another downfall is that mesh WiFi network kits are expensive. 

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Contact your Internet Service Provider  

If you’ve explored all the previous options and still have low signal strength on your phone, there’s a good chance it’s not a problem you can fix. It may be up to your Internet service provider to investigate.  

For example, there may be a problem with the cable line running from your house to your ISP, or with some other equipment that your Internet service provider uses. In this case, you should call them and report the problem. 

Before contacting your service provider to report a problem, make sure you have explored other options (i.e: moving furniture, checking that wires are fully plugged in and in good condition, WiFi is turned on, etc). 

If you have low signal strength on your cell phone or are having any other issues with your device, connect with our specialists at Repair Express in Kelowna, BC today!

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