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Computer Services

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Computer services, done with the highest quality parts and labour; because there’s only one kind of perfect.

System Clean

Hard drive virus scan and removal

This scan is performed before booting into windows to ensure all files are scanned thoroughly, then after that is complete a second scan is performed within windows to catch any other infected files that try to open. Avast Anti-virus is our program of choice and is installed on the computer to protect the PC from future infections.

Adware/ Malware/ Spyware removal

The next scan that is done looks for any Adware, Malware, or Spyware infected files. These are then permanently deleted. Malwarebytes, and Spybot SD are both included to help protect the computer from further infections as well.

Uninstall bloatware and unwanted programs

Varies from machine to machine, basically just uninstall any redundant, unneeded, or unused programs.

Registry Cleanup

Any programs, spyware, malware, adware, viruses that are removed usually still have left over registry entries that can re-infect or just clog up the system. (Basically everything about the Windows Operating System is contained within the registry, if it is full of errors or unused information this has the potential to slow the entire computer down or cause other random errors) These are removed along with any other errors that are found in the scan.

Start-up Optimization

This improves start up time by only opening essential programs with Windows.

HDD Optimization

Includes disk defragmentation (If needed), general clean up of temp internet and system files, recycling bin, etc.


Items listed without price, are price fluctuating too rapidly for our website to be kept up to date; please call for details, and we’ll provide the best pricing we can.

Please call for pricing details

Full System Cleanup (Recommended)

Data backup with a clean install of your current operating system. Anti virus, malware, and spyware programs along with any other software that you want to transfer to the new OS.

Please call for details, and we’ll provide the best pricing we can.

Please call for pricing details

Diagnostic Services

Bring in your computer if it has an unknown problem that is preventing it from working properly. If we can fix it, the cost of the diagnostic will be put towards any labor costs.

Please call for details, and we’ll provide the best pricing we can.

Please call for pricing details

Data Transfer/Recovery

Need to transfer your pictures, music, video, documents or any other files to a new hard drive? We can do that. For any new operating system install this is required if you would like to keep your personal files. We also do data recovery for hard drives that are not working properly, or for computers that will not boot into windows (This can also be considered a transfer if the drive is still working properly)

Please call for details, and we’ll provide the best pricing we can.

Please call for pricing details


RAM Upgrade

Improve performance by upgrading your ram! If your computer runs out of ram space it uses a paging file on the hard drive which is considerably slower, this increases loading times when opening programs and in general just makes the entire system crawl along. Prices vary for different ram capacities and types depending on your hardware. Minimum RAM capacity for systems running Windows Vista and up is 4GB but 8GB is recommended for future proofing your computer system.

HDD/SSD Upgrade

Hard disk drives are becoming a thing of the past.. Solid State Drives use new technology that doesn’t have any moving parts. This makes them very fast, durable, and energy efficient. Windows will boot up, and open programs much faster, and in general will feel snappier. SSD’s have smaller capacities than traditional hard disk drives, we recommend using these as the main storage device holing the operating system, having another external (or if there is space in the computer, internal) hard drive for your pictures, music, documents etc.

If you are looking for a happy medium, we also have hybrid drives that have both build into one, they use a large cache st store frequently used files so it can access them quickly. This gives you some of the performance benefits from an SSD!

Opting out of the new technology we of course still have high capacity HDD’s if you are just looking to increase your storage.

Examples of different capacities;

HDD/ Hybrid: 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB

SSD: 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, 512GB, 750GB, 980GB

Depending on capacity, brand, performance that you’re looking for, cost will vary. Ask for details.

Please call for details, and we’ll provide the best pricing we can.

Please call for pricing details

Any Other Component Upgrade

If you are looking to upgrade any other components like a video card, CPU, optical drive, computer case, power supply, etc we can do that! Please call and we will get you a quote. We can supply the parts or you can bring in your own! Any software or drivers needed to complete the installation will be included.