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Why Repair?

Sometimes people ask "Why repair when you can just get a brand new phone?" Well depending on your situation, you may be far away from being able to upgrade your device on your plan or you may not have the funds to buy a new phone. But there are so many more reasons than this, and they touch on…

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Data Recovery for your Mobile Device

The only thing worse than breaking your precious device is losing all the information it contains! Contacts, calendars, photos, music... so much personal information is contained in our mobile devices. So when something happens to your precious phone, it's not always the device itself that you're attached to as much as the data that's on…

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Extreme Laptop Damage and Recovery

You may remember this viral video that was going around of a father who, in a response to his daughters' rebellious Facebook post, shot her laptop with his 45 caliber handgun.   More recently a woman traveling to Israel was questioned by security officers who were suspicious of her bag, so they took it out back…

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Our Thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung - Repair Express Super thing, super beautiful, super breakable? Is the "brightest most vibrant screen you've ever seen" according to Samsung, worth the added risk of requiring repairs? As with all present generation devices, parts for this device are cheap. As with most Samsung devices, parts for their devices depreciate much slower than other manufactures,…

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Water Damaged Phone: What to do?

It has happened to the best of us... accidentally dropping your phone in the toilet/sink/fish tank, getting pushed in the pool, an unfortunate boating incident... We've heard many reasons for water damage, some common and some not so much. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may or may not be able to repair…

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Our Warranty Exceeds Industry Standards

At Repair Express Vernon we are proud to have the BEST MOBILE DEVICE REPAIR WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY, sometimes better than the original manufacturers warranty. Mobile device repair is done with one thing in mind, perfection. For all your mobile device and cell phone repair needs, be sure not to spend too much money somewhere else…