Meet The Team: Chris Phillips

How long have you worked with Repair Express?

One Year.

What is your background? (Educational/Experience/etc.)

Went to high school at M.E. Lazerte high school and learned how to repair phones from the ground up under the watchful eye of Dallas.

Why is repair so important to you? What is the biggest impact you see from repair?

Being able to help people save both money and the memories stored in their devices. It always feel good when I can help a customer retrieve the photos of their family that mean so much to them.

What is your favourite thing to do when you aren’t working?

I enjoy paddle boarding and spending time out on the lake, enjoying the climate here.

What mobile device do you use?

My personal device is an iPhone 7+ matte black edition.

What is your favourite app?

It is an app called Mise Eyes i use it to keep up to date on pricing for one of my hobbies.

What your most embarrassing phone oops? (dropping in a toilet, leaving it on a bus…)

When I first got an iPhone 5C, I was finding that it wasn’t charging after a while. Being less knowledgeable at the time, I went to the Apple Store. They explained that it was caused by lint and if it ever happened again I could head back in and have it cleaned. I left the store thankful and humbled by their patience and understanding of the situation.

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ADDRESS: 3104B 27th Street, Vernon, BC, V1T 4W6
PHONE: 250-275-4761

MONDAY  9am – 6pm
TUESDAY  9am – 6pm
WEDNESDAY  9am – 6pm
THURSDAY  9am – 6pm
FRIDAY  9am – 9pm
SATURDAY  10am – 4pm
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