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Top 7 Apps that Will Improve Your Life

There are endless apps to choose from that are designed to meet specific needs from tracking our fitness, delivering food, storing notes and budgeting our money. It’s not surprising that major companies are carefully devising their own versions of popular apps! Luckily there are several apps that can be accessed from your android or apple…

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What to Expect from Apple’s 2018 March Phone Release

Rumour has it that Apple will be releasing a successor to the iPhone SE. This smaller iPhone is expected to hit stores as early as next month. If you prefer a smaller and more affordable cell phone, but still love Apple products, then the iPhone SE 2 is perfect for you. Okanagan and Canada's leading cell…

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Stay Up to Date on Trends: Best Phones Coming in 2018

Smartphones makers are constantly launching the most up to date devices to keep on pace with their competitors and with evolving technological progress. Kelowna’s knowledgable team at Repair Express narrowed down the best smartphones that will be launching in 2018. Pocketlink is regularly updating their list of Upcoming Phones: The Future Smartphones of 2018 for…

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Top 10 Rumours about Apples iOS 10

The dictionary definition of a rumour is ‘a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth.’ A rumour is unproven until it’s fact, but because we won’t know the facts until the official announcement of Apple’s iOS 10 we’ll have to sift through the rumours: analyzing the uncertainties and weighing the doubts to…

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