Top 7 Apps that Will Improve Your Life

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There are endless apps to choose from that are designed to meet specific needs from tracking our fitness, delivering food, storing notes and budgeting our money. It’s not surprising that major companies are carefully devising their own versions of popular apps! Luckily there are several apps that can be accessed from your android or apple device.

Repair Express in Kelowna has carefully chosen 7 apps that we believe will improve your life. Not only will these apps extend the functionality of your phone by incorporating artificial intelligence and other smart features, but they will also save you time and even give you peace of mind.

  1. Skip the Dishes
  2. Google Keep
  3. Audible & Podcast Player
  4. Google Fit
  5. Mint
  6. Venmo
  7. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

1 Skip the Dishes

Food delivery apps in general are some of the most convenient apps to have on your smartphone. For Kelowna residents, Skip the Dishes is the ultimate delivery app as more and more restaurants, including local favourites that don’t typically deliver, are available at the touch of your finger.

The app is simple, clean and above all makes ordering your food super easy! The app allows you to discover local cuisines in the your area, place your order, and pay for your delivery.

2 Google Keep

Google Keep is the answer to organization and productivity. Google Keep is basically the free version of Evernote and other memo and productivity apps. Google Keep app allows you to create notes, voice memos, reminders, and annotated images within the app, which can also be synced across devices for the ultimate convenience.

The major advantage of Google Keep is its integration with other Google services including “Ok Google” and voice recognition. This makes transcribing and creating to-do-lists and notes on the go that much easier.

3 Audible & Podcast Player

Audible and Podcast Player are ideal travel companions for anyone that travels regularly or commutes to work.

Audible offers you instant access to a wide selection of best-selling novels and non-fiction titles. Similarly, Podcast Player offers users access to tons of podcasts, which can be conveniently searched via featured, trending, categories or networks.

With these apps you can be entertained by your favorite books, pieces of literature or podcasts wherever you’re going.

4 Venmo

Venmo makes sharing payments super simple and quick. This makes splitting bills at a restaurant or a Skip my Dishes delivery order, picking up movie tickets or sharing rent and utilities bills among friends, roommates and family incredibly convenient. Venom makes transferring money simple, either transfer money from your Venmo account, or link it with your bank account or debit card.

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5 Google Fit

Google Fit has been available for a while and continues to add more updates and features, which makes it one of the best fitness apps available. Its best feature is probably its complete and total integration with Android Wear making it the ultimate app for anyone with a smartwatch.

Google Fit will effortlessly track various activities, wellness, fitness goals, as well as all the basic features. It’s great for beginners and entirely free! Record your speed, pace, route, elevation, and receive personalized recommendations and coaching for you fitness goals. It can be tracked from your phone, tablet, the web or smartwatch.

6 Mint

What Google Fit does for your health, Mint does for your bank balance. Simplify money management by combining all your balances and investments into one place so you can keep track of your expenses, savings and create more accurate budgets based on your spending patterns. If you struggle with tracking your expenses, Mint is the ideal app for getting a handle on your spending and improving your budgeting skills.

7 Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

So what Google Fit does for your health and Mint does for your bank account, Sleep Cycle does for sleep. Sleep Cycle provides users with a more restful and refreshing night’s sleep.

The app tracks your sleep quality, time spent awake, asleep and in deep sleep, your mood and sleep notes that affect your sleep including drinking coffee, or working out. Sleep notes can be customized for each user in an effort to improve your sleep quality. Becoming more attuned with your circadian rhythms and the affects certain things have on your sleep quality is a great tool.

Contact Repair Express to fix your smartphone, tablet or laptop quickly, so you can enjoy the convenience of these apps from a touch of a button!

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